Strength Training


Here at MOMENTUM PERFORMANCE TRAINING our goal is to build the most balanced, strong people possible. This is done by balancing the anterior and posterior chain muscles and then training each person though all three planes of movement.

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Speed and Agility


Speed and agility training is a key component for developing athletes. It is necessary for them to be able to understand where their body is in space and be able to move quickly when needed.

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Mobility Training


Mobility training is key to becoming a healthier and a better athlete.  If we take care of our joints then our body will last longer and we will have a higher quality of life.

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Youth Training


MOMENTUM PERFORMANCE TRAINING has made it a point of emphasis to help young athletes develop correctly in order to achieve personal goals and maintain a mostly injury free career no matter the length.

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Our goal at MOMENTUM PERFORMANCE TRAINING is to encourage better eating habits based on a whole foods diet. We believe that the best way to become a healthier and happier person is to get our nutrients from natural sources.

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